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District 67, Lake Forest (IL) Teacher Staff Development

  • Super-motivational.  A great way to start off the school year.
  • Right on target.  Helped me see school through the eyes of the kids.
  • Outstanding!  Would love to have him for additional workshops, individual help, etc.
  • So fantastic -- "motivating" and great to be taught by example.
  • Terrific!
  • Very energetic!  NOT BORING.  Helpful -- very useful and practical.  Wonderful speaker.
  • Wonderful!  Amazing how he kept attention 100% of the time.  Have him again.
  • Please!  Have him for a series of in-services!  I need him as a "shot-in-the-arm" once a month!!!!!  I'd love him to consult me and other colleagues on our teaching.
  • What a tremendous program!  Give us more!  Energizing.
  • Very useful for rethinking my weaknesses & strengths & encouraging new teaching techniques.
  • Practical and clear.  Everyone can easily use it.  An excellent workshop experience.  Energetic, with lots of techniques to apply.  Please give us more!
  • Very funny and entertaining presentation which (for once!) I will enjoy implementing.
  • Outstanding and useful -- educationally sound -- It was practical!!  I think all can use it in classroom and daily life.  Thanks.
  • He's 100% more interesting and motivating than the average speaker.  Do bring him back.
  • Learning while being entertained is painless and fun -- great changes in my method of teaching!
  • More!!
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