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National Training Center & Association of Girl Scout Executive Staff

  • Presentation was fantastic.
  • Exciting, appropriate, timely, and practical.
  • Michael's session was excellent, excellent, excellent! Fast-paced, informative, energetic, interesting, thought provoking, and more!
  • Superb!  Michael's enthusiasm is contagious!
  • He made it fun and easy to understand what to do.  He makes everyone laugh and get involved; you feel comfortable.
  • If you've made any of the others feel as good and as confident about themselves as you've made me feel, you've got the Midas touch of turning everything to gold.  I thank you very much!
  • "Excellent" is only the beginning of how great a boost this has been to my morale.
  • He held my interest totally.  He shared humor, sensitivity, thoughtfulness, compassion, experience and understanding.
  • A dynamic speaker -- the ideas and suggestions he left with us were so helpful.  I feel more confident.
  • Incredibly enjoyable and informative.  A real shot in the arm.
  • It was nice to have a speaker who knew what we were all about.
  • What can you say? -- He was magnificent:  entertaining, eloquent, profound, and moving.
  • Great ideas!  I could listen to him several days in a row!
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