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Ontario Camp Association (Canada)

  • Outstanding as always! I would love a whole conference of Michael!
  • Awesome presenter, great amount of knowledge, ideas, and handouts.
  • Best session yet—Engaging, entertaining, “specific” tips, great handouts,
  • A tremendous learning experience!
  • He’s an unbelievable speaker and motivator!
  • Bring him back next year. Please!
  • Excellent tools with practical adaptability!
  • Dynamic, empowering, enthusiastic, and genuine.
  • Michael Brandwein—wow!
  • What can I say? Fantastic!
  • Superb.
  • 2nd to none, as always.
  • Of all the speakers I’ve seen, he is the most effective. He has a real talent for getting his point out and in an interesting way!
  • The best session I’ve attended so far.
  • Amazing as usual—helpful ideas—dynamic presenter.
  • A wonderful and inspiring speaker.
  • Huge number of worthwhile suggestions.
  • Can it get better? No!
  • Informative, practical, and challenging.
  • Entertaining, insightful. The materials were very valuable and Michael’s enthusiasm is superb.
  • Bring him back!
  • Educational, exciting, and fun.
  • What a wonderful, interesting, interactive presentation. Thank you. I want to read his book.
  • Answers questions clearly and concisely; presents with great enthusiasm; handout are a great resource.
  • Always awesome with lots of knowledge to digest and take away.
  • Michael is a very dynamic speaker.
  • Awesome!!! Totally way cool!
  • Truly inspirational and energizing.
  • What needs to be said? The best sessions!
  • Handout is amazing!
  • Easy to learn and remember. Excellent speaker! Extremely enjoyable and entertaining! Very knowledgeable! Some amazing ideas!
  • Great speaker—really appreciate the handouts and hands on.
  • Great, very practical, with an approach that everyone can implement.
  • As always, Michael is wonderful, thought provoking and inspirational; Handouts are very appreciated and useful.
  • Fantastic.
  • As always, a great speaker with relevant and useful material.
  • Very amazing.
  • Absolutely wonderful—thanks for all the handouts.
  • Very dynamic…very specific…Great!
  • If only we had the opportunity to listen to you 10 years ago…Thanks!
  • Awesome, great practical tips! Great examples!
  • Have him back!!!!
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