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York University College of Education, Ontario Teacher’s Seminar

  • Fabulous workshop; the practical examples given encouraged me to test them so I may provide the best learning experience for the children.  Michael made it so interesting -- he was great.
  • Extremely useful.
  • I thought the seminar was terrific!  Michael is a fantastic speaker!
  • A very informative, eye-opening, and enjoyable workshop.  A good chance to look at ourselves.
  • We benefit from a fresh approach, new ideas, & an entertaining speaker who knows what he is talking about.
  • Book him next year!  Definitely more than money's worth.
  • Michael was fantastic.  Super.  Great, really relevant hints for teaching techniques.
  • Wonderful to have had the opportunity to apply the skills taught; wonderful presentation; very uplifting to be able to deal with problems positively.
  • Michael was an inspiration!
  • Excellent!! Inspiring for everyone.  Thank you!!
  • It was a fantastic workshop.  Exciting!  Really enjoyed it.
  • Excellent!  Enjoyed everything!  Great creative/practical ideas.
  • Whatever it takes, bring him back.  He is more than great!
  • I was impressed with the material presented.  It was all immediately applicable in dealing with people.
  • Excellent workshop!  Very energetic, relevant and practical.  Could he come back again?
  • Very exciting.  Very relevant, and good to hear specific skills named!
  • Michael was an excellent speaker:  humorous, thoughtful, knowledgeable and inspiring.  Thanks!
  • It was fantastic.  If I can put half of what I learned into practice, I will be happy.
  • I hope Michael Brandwein can come back.  We can never get enough of this stuff!!
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