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Australian National Affiliation of Voluntary Care Associations
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  • Wonderful insights -- learned a lot.  I can safely say I have never had my interest held for so long at a workshop on this or any subject.
  • The only two 2-hour sessions I’ve attended where I was captivated totally by the presenter.
  • Top stuff.  Identified problems well and I certainly learned techniques I can use.  Informative, helpful, and encouraging.
  • Dynamic, informative, and entertaining.  Could sit through Mr. Brandwein’s sessions again and again and still learn.
  • A marvelous presentation of a difficult subject -- a challenging, entertaining experience.
  • Enlightening:  a whole new way of approaching and maintaining relationships with others.
  • Unique and practical:  wouldn’t have missed his sessions for anything!!!  Outstanding, and so very individual.  So effective a teaching method.
  • MAGIC!  Stimulating, innovative, and challenging.  The sessions were provocative, humorous, thought-provoking and sensitive.
  • Vibrant, enthusiastic, humorous -- session was bright and captivating.  Extremely worthwhile.
  • Fast-moving, plain language:  what was presented was practical, i.e. situations I’m familiar with.  Often presenters use a lot of theory or language that tends to be unreal.
  • Unique, educational, and refreshing.  It is so easy to learn from someone who knows the subject, is articulate, and does not waste time.
  • Tremendous.  New, interesting content, rein­forced with practical examples & demonstra­tions -- techniques with real practical value.
  • Supercharged.  Not one minute of boredom.  Thought-provoking and interesting; I enjoyed thoroughly.
  • Empowering and energetic.  Of great practical value and, what’s more, entertaining.
  • Best presentation I’ve been to for many years.  I learned a lot and will change.
  • Dynamic:  solid content.  It was not superficial information; informative and practical.
  • Brilliant, educational, persuasive -- will be most helpful in my job.
  • Unique, enlightening, enjoyable -- WHAT A WONDERFUL WAY TO LEARN!
  • Perceptive, invigorating, and inspiring -- I didn’t want to miss anything he had to say. 
  • I loved the whole four hours:  illuminating and stimulating.  He has a great gift.
  • Unusual, very original presentation:  I enjoyed and feel much more competent from it.
  • Lucid, thought-provoking, and energetic; gave real tips on managing and was less inclined to put things aside because they were “hard.”
  • High energy.  Absorbing and inspirational; very professionally presented; non-stop informative.
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