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  • As good as it gets.
  • He uses a unique, one-of-a-kind approach.
  • He did an excellent job listening as well as speaking. He welcomed questions through the class.
  • Handouts were very helpful.
  • Having handouts to look at later will help keep me on track.
  • Speaker presented significant information that was retainable. This is a course that everyone should experience.
  • Very knowledgeable presentation. It was logical and clear. Delivery of the topic was humorous and made listening easier—kept me awake throughout the session.
  • This was a very beneficial session and it should be repeated.
  • He made the 5 hours pass quickly.
  • Good illustrations and practical suggestions.
  • Extremely worthwhile.
  • I look forward to using these techniques.
  • This gave me a great way to look at myself, my job, and my life.
  • Very insightful and informative.
  • Excellent presentation.
  • Interesting and informative.
  • Practical ideas for real life.
  • Handouts were very helpful.
  • Great content.
  • Appreciated Mr. Brandwein’s enthusiasm and use of tools.
  • Gave great ideas to organize my day.
  • Humor is always a way for people to say alert, involved, and to learn.
  • Directly related to current job place situations.
  • Excellent presentation and relevant to anyone.
  • Easy to listen to.
  • I really enjoyed this.
  • Very useful information.
  • I came in tired; I left informed and energized.
  • Michael was bright, entertaining, and helpful in his presentation.
  • This was very good. I gained valuable tools and skills.
  • An excellent topic. Michael is dedicated, passionate, and a terrific presenter.
  • Excellent presenter. It will be very useful.
  • Great tools—looking forward to implementation.
  • Mr. Brandwein is not only a great educator, but also has a great speaking style and much enthusiasm.
  • Strong delivery and interesting; good energy.
  • Information and subject content will be very useful. It truly makes you think and hopefully gets you out of your comfort zone.
  • Michael was very interesting; humor is wonderful; very knowledgeable.
  • Well organized. Much covered in a short time frame.
  • Help me work better with people in office and with members of the union.
  • All classes should be taught this way.
  • Excellent job of focusing on skills and giving us ways to put them into practice; uses practical examples.
  • Super; speaker dynamic and makes sense; great job.
  • Energetic, entertaining, and informative. Very positive—just what I was looking for.
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