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  • Powerful—poetry in motion.
  • Explosive! By far the most appreciated session I’ve attended in quite a while.
  • Superb.
  • Exciting! Creative! Informative! Michael Brandwein’s presentation was valuable because it will assist me in my daily duties.
  • Valuable, riveting, invigorating. I would recommend this because it focuses on the building blocks of what customer service should be.
  • Positive, realistic, and applicable—on target with its value and use in my daily operation.
  • Insightful! Precise! Energetic! The information given will be a great help while working with clients—internal as well as external.
  • I would recommend this informative and important presentation to other people in customer service. It makes you realize how much of a difference you can make just making the slightest changes.
  • Unique and captivating.
  • This was excellent—totally about our issues.
  • Strongly recommended. Entertaining, positive, and down to earth. At no time in the entire presentation did my attention wander!
  • Persuasive, compassionate, and knowledgeable—strongly recommend this to all.
  • Excellent. I can use many of the items presented on my daily job.
  • I liked this because he put you right in the situation during the presentation. I am on the phone with clients all evening—he explained how you should and should not respond which was very informative.
  • On target. I would recommend this because it points directly to what we do and can be applied to our jobs totally.
  • Powerful, valuable, and energetic!
  • Inspiring and useful. I found this extremely helpful because it was geared to my job description and the work I do.
  • Will definitely incorporate this into my job. I learned many new things.
  • Kept my interest the entire time and I left with the feeling I had new tools.
  • Energetic and positive—I would recommend him because I felt refreshed and motivated when I left.
  • Intensive, productive, effective, and fun!
  • Supercharged, enlightening, and creative.
  • Honest, understandable, and effective. The skills and strategies are relevant to every occupation and personal relationships.
  • Fast-moving, animated, real-life situations.
  • I would definitely recommend this because almost everything discussed we deal with on a daily basis.
  • Powerful. I loved this because it shows how you can handle a difficult situation.
  • Empowering, because it helps me to be in more control and more effective in my job.
  • Important: It really applies to our job—and it can make a big difference in not only daily stress but good communication with our clients, which improves our business.
  • Energetic, valuable, and efficient. I thought it was great because Michael maintains a level of excitement throughout. The use of time was excellent and worth it.
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