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“It’s not enough that people hear a speech and think it was “great.” The only real test is whether tomorrow they actually USE what they’ve heard to reach greater success.” — Michael Brandwein

Laughing while learning skills at a Michael Brandwein keynote.Successful Meetings magazine searched nationwide and selected Michael as one of two “unique, exceptional speakers who provide real entertainment value with important messages that listeners can apply to their jobs immediately.”

Corporate Meetings & Incentives magazine identified Michael as one of 15 “sure-thing speakers.”

Michael presents his own original techniques and material. Please click on the sample presentations below and call Michael to discuss how they can be tailored to serve your organization or business. And if you'd like to see a printable pdf list of these topics including descriptions, please click [Business-Organizations Topics.pdf].



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CONFLICT COMMUNICATION: How to Deal with Disagreement, Conflicts, & Hot People Without Using a Blowtorch

SUPER STAFF SUPERVISION: Practical & Powerful Techniques to Lead & Motivate Teams to Success

THE VALUE OF VARYING VIEWS: Building Collaboration, Creativity, and Constant Improvement

L.A.S.E.R.B.E.A.M.: Using Powerful & Positive Communication to Supervise & Lead People to Better Performance

MOTIVATING COMMUNICATION: How to Get People to Talk More About What Matters Most

WORKING SMARTER: How Team Leaders Can Increase Workers' Thinking, Decision-Making, and Problem-Solving Skills

THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS BRIGHT: How to Deliver Outstanding Services and Satisfaction

THERE'S NO FUN IN FUNGIBLE: The Fast & Effective Way to Define, Communicate, & Deliver Our Distinctiveness

SUPERVISING SERVICE SUCCESS: Managing the Customer Service Team So That No One Can Manage to Live Without Us


THE DEATH OF MEANINGLESS MEETINGS: Ten Powerful Techniques to Make Meetings Move

HOW TO SPEAK SO PEOPLE STAY AWAKE & DO NOT HATE YOU: Fast & Highly Effective Ways to Give Outstanding Presentations That Really Captivate, Educate, & Motivate

TIME MANAGEMENT for People Who Do Not Have Time to Take a Time Management Course

HELPING PEOPLE TO SUCCEED: Positive Communication & Counseling Skills to Boost Self-Image, Confidence, Cooperation, and Self-Motivation in Others

THE TEN TRUTHS OF TRUST: Terrific Tools to Develop More Cooperative and Confident Relationships

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