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Fast & Highly Effective Ways to Give Outstanding Presentations That Really Captivate, Educate, & Motivate

Many well-intentioned people believe—incorrectly—that having a PowerPoint® presentation on their computer means they have a successful speech. If you believe, like Michael, that we can do better than watching people stand up in front of groups in darkened rooms using what’s on a screen as their “script” as they “comment” on “slides,” then this fun, skill-packed session is for you. It’s loaded with exactly what you can do and say to make truly powerful presentations to large or small groups that inform and motivate others to take positive actions in response to your message. You won’t find boring commonplace suggestions like “use good eye contact” in this session. Instead, learn high-level techniques that can be used right away by anyone from the beginner to the advanced presenter. Best of all, they can be plugged into or applied to existing presentations or used to create new ones that will make you extremely confident and a real star up in front. Included:

  • the most critical do or die question that we must ask (that no one ever told us about)
  • how to grab and hold attention in ways that drive messages home (you’ll never, ever need to ask, “Can I have your attention, please?”)
  • get people to care about what you’re saying and actually remember it
  • simpler, faster, fool-proof ways to organize and prepare material to maximize impact
  • fresh, easy ways to craft outstanding openings for terrific first impressions
  • wiping out extremely common but mostly unknown blunders
  • using presentation software like PowerPoint in effective ways that nobody else knows about
  • why nervousness makes sense and how to make it work for you
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