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Evaluation Comments by Participants / Audience Members

What do people really think about a speaker? Thank you notes from clients are appreciated and give part of the picture. (Please click here to see Comments by Clients)

But I’ve always thought that one of the best performance measures are the anonymous comments people make on evaluations. They’re honest, spontaneous, and immediate. By reading or even just skimming these, we can get the answer to some of the most important questions to ask about a speaker, which include:

  1. OK, the speech was good, but was the information valuable?
  2. Do people talk about the usability of the content?
  3. Do they sound motivated to use it?
  4. Did people feel this will help them do their job better?
  5. Was the presentation and examples used tailored and relevant to this audience?
  6. How skillfully was the information taught? Do people comment on teaching ability? On the learning experience?
  7. What did it feel like to sit in the seats and listen to this person? What were the pacing, the energy level, and the atmosphere?
  8. If there was humor, was it just to be funny, or did it help people learn?
  9. Were there handouts? What was their value to people?
  10. Does it look like it was good presentation of the “same old thing” or whether it was insightful, creative, or challenging?
  11. Would they want to hear this speaker again?

Please keep these questions in mind as you click below on a few of the sample organizations listed below. These are just some of the comments from evaluations on file....


from the directors of Customer Service and other corporate leaders
of some of the best-known companies in North America,
attending their professional national conference at SOCAP,
the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals

Dynamic, humorous, realistic.  Brings day to day confrontations to life in a great, humorous way.
Excellent, entertaining, down-to-earth.  Valuable information, delivered with humor and style.
United Airlines

Very powerful; makes you step back and re-evaluate how you approach difficult situations.
Dynamic, thought-provoking; gets to the heart of truly effective techniques that work!

The best practical instruction I have ever received.  Energetic, enthusiastic, very informative.
Lever Ponds, Canada

Best seminar I have attended yet.  Dynamic, interesting, applicable.  Very thought-provoking.  Definitely useful for frontline staff.
Motel 6 Corporation

Five star:  Exciting – total energy!  Great techniques, excellent trainer.  Highly recommended.  I learned a new way to communicate. • Great presentation!  Very useful information!  •
Dynamic, refreshing, informative.  A breath of fresh air in a stale presentation environment. • Effective advice that’s easy to absorb. • Insightful, very useful. • Gives new insights to already experienced listeners.  Will use these techniques in daily work.
Procter & Gamble

Dynamic, humorous:  he gets people involved, addresses real situations; fast-paced and attacks meaningful issues.  Realistic.  Gave us actionable statements and tasks.

Dynamic, interesting – “thumbs up” – great handouts and dynamic presentation of material.
Dow Brands

Perfect!  Most helpful advice I’ve received.  I can already see how I should have directed three recent conversations . . . .  Thank you!
Hunt-Wesson, Inc.

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back to topMercedes-Benz

  • He electrified the audience!!!
  • Michael Brandwein was exhilarating! Had me on the edge of my seat!
  • Best seminar I’ve been to! Strongly recommended! Clear, concise, and loved the handout.
  • Powerful and invigorating presentation. Would be beneficial to any company that wants to succeed in today’s environment.
  • I would rate this 5 stars. Exhilarating, entertaining, and eye-opening.
  • Two thumbs up. Perhaps the most concrete, useful class of its type—even more practical than some 2 day classes. Highly recommended!
  • He’s animated, intelligent, sincere, and very compassionate about what he does—I was mighty impressed. Absolutely recommended.
  • Right on! Doable! Real-life! I recommend this because it highlights specific do’s and don’ts and provides a reason that makes sense.

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back to topNASA National Aeronautics & Space Administration

  • This guy is superb!
  • Best presentation this week. Great!! Michael brought a lot of knowledge and energy in his presentation.
  • People were using the techniques the following day. Very informative, easy to understand.
  • Exceptionally useful, and inspiring and uplifting.
  • Fast pace! Good information and very helpful guidance we can use immediately. Would recommend again.
  • Most useful presentation we had.
  • One of the best. Very helpful information and ideas.
  • Stupendous and scintillating.

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back to topMeeting Professionals International (MPI) 
World Education Congress

  • This was the best session (general or breakout) of the entire conference. Proof that a workshop can be informative, lively, and entertaining. Bring him back.
  • Best workshop I’ve attended for MPI.
  • Wonderful closing keynote. Thanks for making us dig within ourselves.
  • Wow!
  • Best course in last two days. Excellent presenter.
  • It’s refreshing to have a speaker with great information and entertaining. Thanks.
  • Outstanding. It really broke the boundaries of my prior understanding of interpersonal communication.
  • Very clear and straightforward—PROVIDED CONCRETE SKILLS, NOT CONCEPTS.
  • Extremely audience friendly—examples gave inspiration and will motivate me to apply at once.
  • He was great. Very funny with awesome information.
  • Immensely effective communicator, great learning experience.

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back to topSociety of Consumer Affairs Professionals
—the Global Authority on Consumer & Customer Care for the best-known Fortune 500 and other corporations

  • Presentation was fabulous.
  • Speaker was wonderful—energetic without being “in your face” — down to earth.
  • Real practical, usable information; liked best the energy level and passion.
  • Energy and passion accompanied by great ideas.
  • Very animated and engaging with take-away answers.
  • Liked best: his suggestions for immediate change. Michael Brandwein is very engaging and enthusiastic. He has exceptional comedic timing and great energy.
  • Actionable suggestions.

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back to topInternational Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans

  • I have been coming to these seminars for many years and I say emphatically it is by far the best—entertaining and educationally practical.
  • The best pre-conference workshop I’ve attended.
  • Michael is the absolute BEST speaker I have every enjoyed at any session.
  • Best I’ve ever been to.
  • Best seminar I’ve attended over the years.
  • Please bring him back. I learned more from him than any other preconference session in the past 3 years. So refreshing—totally new and different ideas.
  • Enjoyed every minute of the five hours. Learned things that will be used every day.
  • This guy is great. He has such an easy method of teaching things you know but don’t really realize it. Says important things without all the rhetoric. Says it all in a very down to earth way.
  • Practical ideas for real life.
  • A lot of information and ideas. Excellent sessions.
  • Very good information I can use immediately.
  • One of the best I have ever attended.
  • Most helpful and well presented I have ever participated in. When participants only want to leave the room at scheduled breaks, you know the speaker is doing a good job.

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back to topAmerican Nursery & Landscape Association

  • Absolutely fantastic!
  • He is the best!
  • Best of show!
  • I know why he’s been here 4 years in a row—he’s great.
  • Shows how far humor goes for effective teaching.
  • He is like a vaccination for the soul, with a sucker afterwards.
  • Michael’s seminars, alone, are well worth the trip to the national conference every year. A dynamic and engaging speaker.
  • This speaker has made my trip worth every dollar and justifies me not being with my kids for a couple of days.
  • Awesome speaker.
  • Truly outstanding.

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back to topAssociation of Legal Administrators

  • The best presentation of this type I have ever heard.
  • Finally! I’ve learned something I can take home!!!
  • The best speaker I have ever heard. Motivational, yet practical. Good ideas to take home.
  • This was the absolutely best speaker of the entire conference! Bring him back again.
  • The best.
  • Best speaker/topic of all time. Fascinating. A treasure!
  • I appreciated this presentation because it was not “rah rah” — it was practical. It was transferable to all aspects of our lives. It is something that I can take back and convey to my staff—I wish my whole office could hear this.
  • This was fantastic!!
  • Brandwein is awesome.
  • WOW!!

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back to topCouncil on Foundations

  • He was wonderful. The best session of the conference.
  • Outstanding presentation.
  • Everyone was mesmerized by his presentation. Can use these skills every day. Loved it!
  • Excellent strategies!
  • I loved his energy and humor!
  • This was a very valuable session! Very talented presenter and important material!
  • Dynamic speaker!
  • Michael was amazing; very energetic and every example he gave was so true, I could totally relate. I would love to have him at one of our own meetings.
  • What a breath of fresh air. Can use these tools in all aspects of life.
  • Totally engaging and informative. I liked the “nuts and bolts.”
  • Clear, concise, and meaty!

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back to topAmerican Society of Health-System Pharmacists

  • Best of the conference.
  • Fantastic!
  • Dynamic presenter—I’ll be able to use the principles at work on Monday.
  • “Gems” that I can use immediately.
  • Excellent presentation. Could have listened to him for hours.
  • Excellent! All managers should hear this.
  • Very enjoyable—useful hints to implement immediately.
  • Excellent, very helpful information; can put ideas to work immediately.
  • Knowledgeable, gifted communicator with a lot of practical ways to implement ideas.

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back to topProfessional Convention Managers Association

  • Not excellent:  exceptional. Entertained as he taught, gave great, realistic examples.  Have him again.  Very informational.
  • Dynamic!  Real!  Best speaker at PCMA!
  • I’ve been managing people for 25 years, and this was the best “how to” workshop I’ve ever attended. Illuminating.  Specific and very helpful to me. 
  • Fantastic;  would highly recommend for content but also because of presentation style and enthusiasm.
  • Hi-energy -- encourages interactive learning; very entertaining, BUT solid advice given while being entertained.
  • Outstanding content.  He does a great job communicating his ideas.
  • Unique style.  Great enthusiasm and excitement in presentation.  Good material not normally presented.
  • Loved Michael’s high energy and enthusiasm, good practical examples of how to use his material.  What kind of vitamins does he take?

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back to topNational Easter Seal Society

  • Ingenious; his sincerity is infectious; given me some skills I’ll certainly use.
  • Outstanding, invigorating, helpful; best session I’ve had all week.
  • Entertaining, enlightening, provocative; he attacks our preconceptions, long-held beliefs, and idiosyncrasies in a way that makes us want to change ... and we laugh through it all.  That makes change refreshing.
  • Vivacious, very informative, knowledgeable;  I would highly recommend this seminar to all my colleagues.
  • Energetic, knowledgeable, personable; the presentation was dynamic!  The speaker’s enthusiasm kept everyone interested and sitting on the edge of their seats curious as to what he would say next!  Wonderfully done!
  • Stimulating, funny, excellent presentation; got across communication skills in a simple way; used examples that were relevant; left with great tools to utilize; he has outstanding communication skills!
  • I would recommend the presenter and presentation to any organization interested in learning to develop the type of teamwork essential for improving their working environment and quality of work.
  • Dynamic, meaningful, humorous -- I heard him last year and looked forward to hearing him again; he points out every day actions and how to handle them with great care and thought; wonderful insight.

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back to topAustralian National Affiliation of Voluntary Care Associations

  • Bloody marvelous -- terrific!  I am sure I will be a better person and administrator from this.
  • Wow!  Brilliant presenter.  Best value of the conference.  Learned more skills today than in many years.  It’s made me a better manager.
  • The best presentation I have ever experienced -- An absorbing day:  entertaining, professional.
  • Excellent  -- learned a heck of a lot and can’t wait to apply the knowledge.  Why?  The presenter knows his business and presented his own original material.
  • One of the best presentations I have attended.  Dynamic, thought-provoking, practical -- full of practical applications rather than just theory.
  • Very best presentation in 20 years.  Vivid, dynamic, invaluable.  Strategies excellent and totally applicable.
  • A tour de force by the presenter:  stimulating, thought-provoking, and entertaining.
  • The highlight of ANY conference I’ve attended.  Superb presentation; practical, common-sense approach.
  • Delightful:  I liked that for once, PROBLEMS WERE SOLVED, NOT JUST PRESENTED.
  • Brilliant, convincing, dynamic.  I really enjoyed learning realistic skills.
  • Innovative solutions to problems; he showed us how; did not just tell us how.
  • Extremely valuable;  dynamic -- a fantastic way to teach new approaches.

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back to topEastman Kodak Company

  • Probably the most dynamic and meaningful presentation I have had the pleasure to attend.
  • Outstanding:  best presentation I have ever seen.
  • Dynamic, stimulating, valuable.
  • Sincere, “real,” to-the-point, no-nonsense approach.
  • Very practical and straight-forward; cut through the *!?!
  • Interesting, knowledgeable, honest; kept my interest -- never even considered dozing; ideas were tested; good solid examples used to help clarify ideas.
  • So practical.

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back to topAmerican Honda

  • Superb.
  • Priceless.
  • I have been to many seminars during my 5+ years working at different positions at one dealership. This had the most useful information.
  • Eye opening.
  • Enlightening.
  • Motivating.
  • If more people came to this and used what was taught, sales and buying would be much easier.
  • Full of “meat,” practical suggestions. Great seminar; easy to follow.

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back to topSociety of Municipal Directors, Ontario, Canada

  • Absolutely incredible!
  • The best leadership seminar in 10 years -- well done!
  • This was the best session I ever attended!
  • The most enthusiastic and informative session of the conference.
  • I really enjoyed the session I had yesterday, yet I only rated it 3’s out of 5’s on the evaluation -- so these 5’s for Brandwein’s session are meaningful.  Thank you.
  • Not only was it interesting, but also great fun; definitely informative; covered topic in an exciting, innovative and creative way; extremely interesting and will be a great benefit to myself personally. An excellent speaker.  Thanks!
  • So good, will remember content for a long time.
  • Absolutely superb; a real scintillating experience.  WOW!!
  • Perfect, practical information to take back.  Bring him back.  Dynamic, informative, truly enjoyable.

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back to topNew York Association of Homes & Services for the Aging

  • Dynamic speaker.
  • I think Michael is fantastic!
  • Very usable information. I’m excited to try.
  • Very practical. Can be easily applied to everyday practice.
  • This came from a totally different perspective than the one’s I have heard before. Thank you.
  • Appreciate the handout with real life usable solutions/responses. I will use these. Thank you.
  • Great resource material provided.
  • I really enjoyed his style and the practical handout.
  • Great, innovative presenter.

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back to topSouth Dakota & Minnesota Agriculture & Rural Leadership Program

  • Fantastic!
  • This is the best leadership workshop I have ever attended in my 30 year professional career.
  • Outstanding workshop.
  • One of the best total packages on leadership I have ever attended.
  • I feel motivated to change my life based on the volume of tips provided.
  • Best presenter that we have had.
  • Bring him back. Best content of the week. Lots of “meat!”
  • Superb! He gave us so many simple tools to immediately implement in our leadership.
  • Passionate and energetic. The handouts were wonderful.

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