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Skill of the Day: What Great Leaders of Young People Do and Say
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Skill of the Day: What Great Leaders of Young People Do and Say

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Skill of the Day
What Great Leaders of
Young People Do and Say

Camps · Schools · Before/After School ·
Youth Programs of all Kinds

This breakthrough 300 plus page book presents for the first time anywhere:

  • A specific curriculum of exactly what skills you want to teach staff during training!
  • PLUS creative, step-by-step lesson plans and activities to teach each skill in motivating, powerful ways that grab attention and maximize learning!
  • Involve your staff in presenting training to everyone by putting them into teaching teams and giving them
    chapters to teach from!
  • Continue your training after children
    have arrived: Use the two-minute,
    fully scripted, Skill Skits
    to present at staff meetings and at other times to review and promote the use of outstanding skills and add new techniques with humor and creativity!

Praise for the All-New Skill of the Day

"A FABULOUS staff training book!! I love the creativity and cleverness of the approach. It’s simple to use by anyone involved in teaching staff really important behaviors. The activities and training materials are designed to just lift out of the book and apply immediately! Michael’s experience and training talent certainly shines throughout this engaging, on-target, and compelling book.”—Dr. Deborah Bialeschki, Director of Research, American Camp Association

1 “A masterpiece! Brilliant techniques, scripted for guaranteed success to create a dynamo staff!”—Nancy Richardson, Owner-Director, Bar-T Before & After School Programs, Pre-K, & Camp, MD

2Astounding! Creative, precise detail, amazingly flexible, and easily implemented. This will take training to a level it’s never been before. In a race of the best presenters I have seen in 30 years, no one else is even on the same lap as Michael.”—Dave Wright, Executive Director, Camp Tecumseh YMCA, IN

3 “A must-have book of practical, concrete, ready-to-use techniques to teach the skills that everyone working with young people needs to know and use.”—Jennifer Haggart, Coordinator, Early Childhood Consortium of the Omaha Area

4Extraordinary! Hundreds of new, highly effective, creative, easy-to-implement ways to grow leaders on a daily basis.”—Dayna Hardin, Vice-President, American Camp Association, Owner-Director, Lake of the Woods & Greenwoods Camps, MI

5Incredible! Engaging, vibrant, new information that will truly help us to provide top-notch training!”—Sarah Horner Fish, Executive Director, Tom Sawyer Camps, CA

Brilliant! With this imaginative, insightful, and innovative book, directors, principals, and other program leaders have all the time-saving resources necessary to get every staff member to actively participate in the teaching and learning of these skills. This is more effective than having them watch a video! Plus you’ll develop a strong staff team. The Skill Skits are truly imaginative and insightful; the humour in each makes them easy for all participants and ensures that staff remember how and when to use these skills.”—Larry Bell, founder, Robin Hood Day Camp, Ontario, Canada

“Michael’s style of writing is an addictive mix of step-by-step techniques, humor, and playfulness that keeps you wanting to learn more. It’s just like having Michael beside you, guiding you while you learn and refine your skills.”—Melissa Lewis, Director Clubhouse Programs, Buffalo Grove Park District

“Another winner—he’s done it again! I couldn’t put down this compelling book. It’s a treasure trove full of ‘gems’ to bring staff development to a higher degree of excellence. This book makes it easy—I successfully incorporated some of the ideas the same day I read them!”—Pam Lingert, Director, Before & After School, Children at Play Programs, Arlington Heights Park District

Practical and insightful, ‘Skill of the Day’ is a terrific hands on resource that will teach and empower staff to make great choices in a wide variety of settings for young people.”—Pastor Duane Hanson, Bethel Horizons Youth Programs & Camp

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