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National Staff Development Council

  • Alive; substantive techniques; energy; this workshop presented powerful classroom techniques to motivate students.  I can add this information to my practice as an administrator and as a behavior management educator.
  • Energetic, informative, realistic and helpful; the session was enormously helpful and devoid of useless jargon and activities that are too theoretical.  I want to try these ideas with some “dead battery” staff.  Michael is really dynamite.
  • Fabulous speaker!  Outstanding, useful, informative; many wonderful ideas to present to staff!!
  • A super speaker and surely kept our attention; motivating and useful
  • Practical, usable!!!, motivating, humorous
  • I really picked up some wonderful, exciting ideas for my classroom; positive, useful, speeding train...!
  • Specific, engaging, practical.  A major part of my job is mentoring probationary teachers.  This information will be most helpful in working with them.  Thanks!!
  • A must see.  Two thumbs up.  Enjoyable, rewarding, interesting, useful.
  • A wealth of ideas; fun, inspired; a workshop that will lift up and inspire
  • High energy, practical, refreshing; handouts used and demonstrated the techniques that were taught!
  • The presenter modeled what he presented.  He has been in the classroom, used what he presented, and that provides the validity needed!
  • Fast paced, active, energetic; very powerful suggestions for working with staff
  • Fast — usable suggestions that can be used immediately
  • Energizing!  Informative! Pragmatic!  The ideas presented and modeled were superb!  This workshop will make a critical, significant difference in my practice.  Michael is one of the most effective presenters (models) I have heard (experienced!) in a decade!  A fine job!!
  • Great ideas, very enthusiastically modeled and presented
  • Great demonstrations and handouts; high energy session!
  • Encouraging, energetic, organized; this workshop gave great, easy to execute suggestions;  Also very entertaining.  Thanks. 
  • Presenter was knowledgeable, personable, and “down-to-earth.”  Pace was quick and held our attention.  Thank you!!
  • All teachers should learn his material!  Very deep, practical.  Excellent, thank you.  Useful, unique, energetic, energizing.
  • Lots of practical suggestions.  Extremely motivating.  A workshop I can really use with my teachers.
  • Thoughtful.  Practical.  A must for those wanting to improve their interpersonal dynamics with students.
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