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How to Stop Put-Downs, Bullying, Taunting, & Teasing While Creating a Safe & Respectful Environment for Learning & Growth

One of the key conditions required to assure successful education and youth development is safety—not just physical, but emotional. When anxiety goes up, learning and the willingness to participate go down. Youth development research reveals that adults often believe most young people feel basically safe, yet the youth themselves report otherwise. This session presents specific and practical tools and techniques. Past participants have used these skills with success throughout the U.S. and Canada in schools, camps, and other organizations. These methods teach young people increased respect while reducing put-downs and other negative behavior. This is not “theory”—it’s a hands-on skills session that demonstrates precisely what to say and do to handle these undesired behaviors pre K-12 and how to help young people take more responsibility for their peer environment while learning to handle disagreement and conflict without hurting the feelings of others.

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