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Superb Listening Techniques to Build Excellent Relationships

The most important skill we use in working with and teaching young people is communication, and it’s also one of the most important things we must teach them how to do themselves. Most of us learned how to listen by observing models around us—which, as this presentation proves in a highly entertaining way, are often not the best examples. This session demonstrates how staff can become world-class listeners and camp communicators:

  • exactly what to say and do when communicating with young people
  • how to help them work out problems and even difficult feelings with more calmness and confidence
  • the best techniques to help kids to be more responsible and respectful
  • helping young people to handle anger, disappointment, and frustration in positive ways
  • how to eliminate from our vocabulary the common phrases we’ve all used but which get in the way of good communication
  • reaching even the ones who are reluctant to “open up”
  • fast ways to build greater trust in relationships with young people
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