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“WHY DON’T YOU BEHAVE?!”: The KEY SYSTEM Solution to Handling Negative Behavior While Teaching Positive Choices

Dealing with bad behavior does NOT have to be exasperating. In fact, when properly done it is an outstanding opportunity for terrific teaching of positive life skills. To be successful, we don’t want theory or impractical, general “approaches” — we need to know what to say and what to do. Michael’s KEY SYSTEM is a proven, practical, warm, and consistent set of very specific techniques to immediately teach children how to make better choices while guiding them away from undesired behavior, including fighting, grabbing, put-downs, whining, non-cooperation, “talking back,” and other inappropriate and problem behaviors.

In four clear steps, you will learn to confidently handle even the most difficult behaviors and how to get young people to accept more responsibility for their conduct. The KEY SYSTEM has been widely acclaimed not only for its effectiveness, but for the fast-paced, fun way in which you will learn the skills, which include:

  • four reasons why young people often do not listen to adults and the four essential skills that restore credibility, consistency, and trust
  • ten steps to doom: the exact ineffective phrases to eliminate in our work with kids
  • the two big secrets to changing behavior
  • deploying the A.I.R.B.A.G.—precisely what to say and do to replace inappropriate behavior with better choices
  • calmly handling resistance and how to respond confidently to over a dozen of the most common “come-backs” that young people use when adults speak to them about bad behavior
  • the statements to make to young people to support their efforts to change, set positive expectations, and develop positive relationships with even the most frequently misbehaving youth
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