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HOUDINI'S GREATEST SECRETS: How to Get the Most Out of Life by Escaping from the Stuff that Holds Us Back

Michael Brandwein combines his expertise as a national educator of young people with his skills as a professional magician in this unique and entertaining approach to leadership development. While presenting both tales and actual demonstrations from the life of the world’s most famous magician, Michael uses little known facts and secrets about Houdini and magic to teach practical strategies and life skills including:

  • problem solving
  • honesty and integrity
  • dealing with expectations
  • handling fear and stress in positive ways
  • being your own leader—following your own best path while handling pressure from peers
  • success is accessible to everyone once they understand that it doesn’t come from “magic” or wishing for it—we have to learn how to discover the tricks behind the magic
  • the “tricks” to success in leading others and ourselves
  • the choices we make about our physical and mental health
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