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Leadership Training for Young People
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Taking Charge of Our Choices to Bring Out Our Best

Lecturing young people doesn’t work, of course—the best learning takes place when they are physically and mentally participating in an entertaining and fast-paced program full of fun demonstrations that are relevant to their lives every day. This session applies that approach and teaches important skills that include:

  • we are what we call ourselves—our self-beliefs control our actions, so we’d better understand (1) what we believe about ourselves, (2) why we believe it, (3) and what we can do to change it if it doesn’t support us
  • how great self-communication and simple positive choices can lead to great changes at school and with friends and family
  • respect for ourselves—including our choices regarding substances, physical fitness, and mental fitness
  • the one thing that no one tells us about our brain—and is the most important thing to know
  • respect for others—how to take control of our environment and reduce bullying, put-downs, and other negative and disrespectful choices
  • how we waste energy being stressed about stress and how to handle it in positive ways
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