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Unlocking & Unblocking the Path to Personal & Organizational Success

Houdini, the most famous magician in history, performed such unbelievable escapes and illusions that many highly intelligent people believed these unexplainable feats could be only performed with supernatural powers. You’ll be shocked—and see for your own eyes—what Houdini did to prove them wrong. His legend still fascinates and entertains us—but we can learn some surprising and highly useful techniques from his approach to competition, innovation, and reaching for the top goals that may seem unreachable. This unique keynote presentation creatively employees actual demonstrations of some incredible magic to disclose some amazing secrets about the master magician that help us handle problems, fears, challenges, and change. They can help us achieve success as an organization and as professionals. And, at its conclusion, we will see for ourselves what Houdini called his greatest physical and mental challenge: an escape in full view from a real, regulation hospital straitjacket—not the tricky way with a magician’s prop that we may have seen on TV, but a real demonstration with a real restraint done in the way Houdini thrilled audiences over a hundred years ago.


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