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“LOOK, I’M READY FOR LIFE-LONG SUCCESS—I CAN USE A PROTRACTOR!” How to Prepare Young People—and Ourselves—for Real Life, Leadership, & the Challenge of Change

Where are the most essential skills for success in life really learned? Our increasing interaction with technological wonders leaves us to wonder:  what will happen to our abilities to deal with the more personal skills needed to work together, face-to-face with others? Where change is constant and happens at increasing speeds, what do we do to help our children grow as life-long learners and develop the flexibility, innovation, and creativity needed to meet the challenges of a more complex world? As leaders of youth, how can we become the best daily models of handling change in positive ways? This exciting, fun, and practical presentation demonstrates specific things we can do right away to equip ourselves and our young people with the tools needed for success.


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