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How to Build Greater Respect in a Culture of Perpetual Put-Downs

We know that positive culture changes will boost respect and trust while reducing bullying and non-verbal behavior that is demeaning and disrespectful to others. What’s missing are practical, no-nonsense ways to actually create that culture. This revitalizing presentation meets that challenge. Two of the reasons that some young people continue to engage in inappropriate behavior and make disrespectful choices that interfere with learning are (1) that they simply don’t believe us when we say that such conduct is not acceptable, and (2) that they don’t how to replace the “dissing” attitude so prevalent in media and peer groups with anything that works better. How do you disagree, for example, without saying “shut up, stupid!”? This presentation demonstrates the exact way to fortify our credibility by using specific skills to communicate and guide behavior in positive, firm, and effective ways. It also shows how to increase young people’s respect of the diverse views, cultures, and personalities, teach them how to disagree without disagreeability, and improve communication, teamwork, and understanding.


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