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Positive 1 on 1 Communication & Counseling Skills to Boost Self-Image, Confidence, & Self-Motivation

This special group of techniques for improving one-on-one communication is designed for social service personnel, caseworkers, health workers, youth leaders, guidance staff, counselors, educators, and others who understand the challenge of silence—knowing that a young person needs to communicate feelings and information, but is reluctant to do so because of the difficult or personal subject matter, lack of confidence, fear, and other factors. Includes:

  1. over 60 specific things a young person does or says during even limited conversations and how to respond to them to develop more positive self-concepts
  2. positive opportunities you can use right away to provide youth with credible evidence of their own competence and success
  3. increasing trust of others and trust of self
  4. improving responsibility, independence, and cooperation
  5. building communication and problem-solving skills
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