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“I’VE TOLD YOU A THOUSAND TIMES!”:  How to be Calm, Confident, & Consistent When Handling Undesired Behavior

“Did I say NO?!” Sure you did, but do they care? If you’ve ever wondered in frustration, “Why don’t these kids listen to me?”—this session is for you. Why must we tell some young people five or more times, but others only once? Why do children behave one way in front of some adults, but another way with others? Teaching children to make good choices requires credibility and trust. Learn specific techniques to establish that relationship. This session demonstrates exactly what credible adults do and say, including:

  1. meaning what we say and saying what we mean
  2. being consistent and firm without losing control and without being “mean"
  3. teaching children to be responsible
  4. reducing the stress of leading and teaching children and establishing a calm, effective environment for learning good life skills and choices
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