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THE DEATH OF MEANINGLESS MEETINGS: Ten Powerful Techniques to Make Meetings Move

Meetings are supposed to solve headaches, not create them.  Everyone hates wasteful, boring, unproductive meetings -- yet we go on having more of them.  This dynamic and refreshing presentation has been acclaimed for teaching ten direct and specific techniques you can use right away to prepare and lead meetings that convert talk into action.  Skills include:

  • how to have fewer meetings right away
  • organizing what needs to be done in ways that dramatically increase efficiency and cooperation
  • accomplishing far more in less time, with greater confidence in decisions
  • how to get meetings back on track when you’re not running them
  • stopping “meeting saboteurs” in their tracks
  • getting people who never participate to do so while respectfully controlling the people who monopolize
  • how to find out what people are really thinking
  • keeping people on the subject
  • maintaining attention, pacing, and productivity
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