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L.A.S.E.R.B.E.A.M.: Using Powerful & Positive Communication to Supervise & Lead People to Better Performance

When you supervise, coach, and lead school staff to better performance, this session is your toolbox for success. Though many supervisors are often unaware of it, most of our communication with staff and other employees (even lots of the so-called “positive” kind) is what Michael calls “negatively triggered”—it is a response to things that are wrong, aren’t good enough, or need to be changed or improved. This produces a pervasive “balance” problem which can undermine virtually everything we do as administrators and team leaders while adding unnecessary tension and stress to the work environment.
This presentation fixes these problems in four steps while providing outstanding tools you’ll use every day to help teach and motivate others to work better, be stronger team members, and provide improved service. Included:

  • a much improved way to identify and communicate expectations
  • motivating others by making the qualities we expect accessible to everyone
  • puke-proof praise — making positive communication more credible
  • the most realistic and effective techniques to produce change and teach indispensable skills to others, including cooperation and teamwork, organization and follow-through, clear communication, problem-solving, dependability, enthusiasm, creativity, responsibility, and more
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