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How to Boost Student Participation & Learning Right Away

You’ll use these proven, practical, highly acclaimed techniques every day to get more hands in the air and more students eager to learn. Create a positive environment where you’ll feel more confident about getting through to all students, not just the ones with arms up all the time. These powerful skills work with all ages and subjects and will recharge you with the excitement of teaching young people. Including:

  1. involving more students more of the time
  2. reaching students who never or seldom volunteer
  3. leading fabulous discussions that engage and motivate
  4. teach students to listen and communicate with each other, not just the teacher
  5. develop a greater depth of learning
  6. responding to strong and weak answers to maximize deeper learning, thinking, and communication skills
  7. handling “I don’t know…”
  8. not just expecting and “grading” participation but helping all students reach these expectations
  9. using a special “platforming” technique in every class to build on success
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