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How to Grab & Keep the Attention of Media-Saturated Kids Without Having to Set Your Hair on Fire

You’ll never again have to shout, “We’re not going to start until it’s quiet!” (You may never start…) The days of “Can I have your attention, please?!” will be over forever. (They might reply, “No—but thanks for asking…”) This one-of-a-kind, creative presentation demonstrates the real secrets to motivating increased and respectful attention and participation in large groups and small. Whether you want attention to teach, to play, or both, you’ll pack your toolbox with skills that include:

  • why “short attention span” is mostly a myth made up by frustrated adults who haven’t figured out how to get the attention of kids, how to get rid of techniques that don’t work and replace them with those that work every time
  • the single most important attention-grabbing secret and dozens of easy ways to use it
  • the A.R.T. of Michael’s attention redirection techniques: the counter-intuitive, fool-proof way to get large, noisy groups quiet in an instant—and why “If you can hear me, clap once…” doesn’t cut the mustard or any other condiment
  • making the attention-getting process one of the best parts of the program or activity
  • “grand openings”—immediately effective ways to begin that establish the best atmosphere to learn and play
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