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THE MAGIC OF MIGHTY MINDS: Teaching Young People to Think

Long after young people forget massive amounts of the “stuff” they memorize in school, the most important part of their education will be whether they’ve learned how to think. Only by working on the process of good thinking will we really produce generations of successful life-long learners. As just one example, many adults say “Good question!” to youth without ever teaching why it’s a good question or how people can develop and practice the skill of asking good questions, which is the very essence of being “smart.”

The session demonstrates how to teach kids what the good questions are. It provides strong, effective skills to build and reinforce essential mental life skills in young people:  problem solving, reasoning, creativity, self-confidence, persuasive communication, identification of facts and issues, and more.  “Thinking” does not have to be “boring” — this unusual, invigorating presentation helps us be specific, motivating, and energetic about the abstract — and to help young people acquire the most important tools for living as independent, intelligent, and capable individuals.

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