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There’s So Much Magic You Can Do!
(for grades K-5)

Michael has been doing magic for kids since he was about 13 years old, but he quickly learned that it’s not just something they love to watch. It can be a superb teaching tool that creates great opportunities for experiential learning, which is the very best kind. By college, Michael was already using his original materials to teach teachers how to use magic in their classrooms to motivate learning in math, reading and science and also teach life skills.

This educationally designed program uses magic to show kids the “tricks” to:

  1. making good choices
  2. respecting others and themselves
  3. staying healthy
  4. protecting each other by not allowing bullying or putting people down
  5. learning new things even when they are hard
  6. being persistent, polite, and patient
  7. solving problems calmly
  8. handle fears by communicating with others

This program comes with materials that teachers can use for effective follow-up.

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